Company AKPOL was established in 2005 by Adam Kuś. From the beginning we are involved with passion in plastics recycling – production of polyethylene and polypropylene regranulates.

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kmesse2016AKPOL company had the pleasure to participate in the International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, K-Messe 2016 - the largest trade fair in this sector worldwide, held in Düsseldorf.

K-Messe brings together the world's largest manufacturers, investors and consumers of products from the plastics and rubber industry. Its scale, number of exhibitors and excellent organization were felt throughout the event. Spacious stands, modern machinery and exhibition halls prepared on a grand scale gave us a great experience and opportunity to gain a better understanding of the industry. Our participation in the fair allowed us to present our products and services beyond the Polish borders, as well as familiarize global recipients with them. We were able to establish important business contacts with industry representatives from Belgium, the Czech Republic, the UK, Italy, Uruguay, China, Portugal, Argentina, India, Israel, Tatarstan, Austria, Morocco, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Tunisia, Germany, Brazil, Lithuania, Russia, Hungary, Malta, Colombia, Romania, Egypt, Kenya, Ukraine, Serbia, Oman, Algeria, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Turkey, Spain, Qatar and Ireland. The fair delighted us with its grand design and professional organization, becoming a driving force for further endeavours. XXI International Fair for Plastics and Rubber PLASTPOL, taking place in May 2017, will be the next stop for the AKPOL company.

Since the beginning of its operations AKPOL company has been committed to introducing solutions and technologies which are more environmentally friendly. They are implemented through individual actions and projects, as well as through long-term strategies. Since the company was founded in 2005 AKPOL has been striving to continuously invest in environment friendly solutions. The machines and tooling are being systematically modernized as well as the product manufacturing process. Water and electricity consumption has been reduced, measures aimed at noise reduction were carried out, modern filters and sieves used in the filtration process have been installed.
In Poland we are the first to carry out a project on innovative technology for automatic sorting in the waste recycling process. Adam Kuś, the owner