Regranulate PPAKPOL Blue

Polypropylene PPAKPOL Blue

PPAKPOL Blue — specification

Purpose – injection
Type of material used: PP waste
Granule appearance: Φ 4,5-5 mm, thickness 2,5-4 mm
Additives: none
Country of origin: Poland

MFI 230°C/2,16 kg: 13-20 /10 min
Filtration: 7x56 (250)
Density: 0,9-0,91 g/cm3
Tensile modulus of elasticity: 800 Mpa
Yield stress: 22 Mpa
Charpy impact strength: 5,7 kJ/m2
Chalk content < 4%
Volatile matter content <0.03%

Impurities: none

How do we deliver value to our customers?

Quick And Safe Delivery
Our offer is addressed to both small and large companies. We send 24 tones – 20 items of “big bags” in full truck loads. We process smaller orders by courier company.
High standards of production process
All received plastic waste are processed directly in our facility under supervision of a complex monitoring.
Individual Customer Approach
We treat each order individually adjusting and monitoring delivery schedule. Creating buffer stocks in our warehouses allows us to adapt to the production processes of our customers. We ensure uninterrupted supplies.
Constant quality control
We examine each batch of a product in our own laboratory using a plastometer, moisture balance and densimeter, which allows to maintain cleanliness and perfect parameters of our regranulates.

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